The medical product series with an internal cooling technique for working on callus.
• for use in wet- as well as dry technique
• special arranged aperture slits
• stainless steel material guarantees the disinfection and sterilization persistence
• precise concentricity by one-piece construction

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The established medical product range for working on callus with the special features in the dry and the wet technique. Extremley high durability

A great functionality and economic efficiency as well as optimum hygiene characterizes this up-to-date medical product range equipped with the CE-mark for callus treatment.
• performance solid diamond grits in three grades for the best possible treatment results and a remarkable long life-span
• patented with special arranged aperture slits on the working part offers up to 100% more cooling potential compared to similar instruments holes instead of slits
• three ergonomic working part shapes for your grinding technique and demands in the wet and dry technique with the special features in the wet technique

Mega coarse grit – removal of thick callus
Super coarse grit – removal of hard callus
Coarse grit – removal of incipient callus


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