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“Sportstage” Kinesiology Tape for Sports and Therapy.

Kinesiology tape for treating sports injuries and relieving pain in the muscles.
This kinesiology tape is made of a special textile woven to mimic the function of the skin. Its key features include: 170% stretch factor, just like human skin; identical to human skin in terms of weight and thickness; ability to stretch in 2 directions, diagonally relative to the longitudinal axis; easy to cut; latex-free; permeable to air and moisture; 100% acrylic adhesive coating, hypoallergenic; moisture-resistant.
The tape can be used for: inhibition of hypertonic muscles, correction of the fascia, protecting muscles against excessive strain, protecting joints, improving the proprioceptive system, suppressing pain, reducing inflammation, lymphatic oedema and haematoma, influencing the range of motion and stimulating hypotonic muscles.

Class I medical device. Roll dimensions: 5cm x 5m.


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