X-cut with high abrasion performance
• for specifi c outlining of misshapen or fungal nails
• with high abrasion performance for ge

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All in white!
The existing KERA range has been complemented by eight new filigree shapes entirely made of ceramic; for gentle treatment and precise shaping with an optimum overview. The special white high-performance ceramic; a high-tech material for premium class rotary tools from BUSCH.

This aesthetic material stands out through its excellent fracture toughness and hardness which, in combination with the proven BUSCH cuts, yields the typical attractive results.

The high-performance ceramic material used for KERA cutters is up to 25% respectivley up to 60% lighter, thus permitting more gentle cutting – a tangible advantage for both patient and user when treating diseased natural nails as well as artifi cial nails.

Patients who are highly allergic to metals welcome the additional bio-compatibility. Naturally, KERA cutters are medical products and suitable for all approved disinfection and sterilization methods.


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