KERA cutters

kera x cutNew high-Performance ceramic material for rotary instruments
Modern, innovative, aesthetic and efficient: these are the main attributes of the new range of KERA cutters of high-performance ceramic material. They are a genuine alternative to carbide cutters.

The high-tech material stands out through its excellent fracture toughness and hardness. This high-performance ceramic material is 25% up to 60% lighter, yielding a tangibly different cutting experience for both patient and user. The bio-compatibility of the ceramic material is a boon to patients allergic to metals.

kera Coarse straight cut 

Three cuts which have for many years proved their value in nail treatment also underlie

the new KERA cutters. Whether for thick fungal or gryphotic nails, for gel or acrylic material – the KERA cutter range includes exactly the required cut. The eight new KERA fully ceramic instruments are particularly well suited for precise treatment of cuticles and nail folds, for instance, while maintaining an ideal overview.

The premium products are suitable for all approved disinfection and sterilization methods and can therefore be used in the usual conditioning process.

These are naturally medical devices with CE mark.

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