hybridtwisterHybrid TWISTERs are the TOP innovation for callus removal. The beneficiaries of this innovation are podiatrists and pedicurists who give preference to rapid removal and finer surfaces and the use of a hygienic medical device.

Two special, patented advantages characterize the Hybrid TWISTERs. On the one hand, there is the proven design with the slit-shaped openings, on the other, the superior advanced hybrid grit – a combination of the materials diamond and ceramic.

Despite the basically finer Hybrid grit, this design demonstrates a noticeably higher rate of removal in both the wet and the dry techniques, while at the same time, a smoother surface finish is obtained. The instruments also convince with their long service life.

The range consists of nineteen twisters and they are provided in four different grit sizes for the individually required treatment results.
Further available right away is a version with a super coarse grit for removing hard callus.

As a distinguishing feature, the Hybrid TWISTERs are marked with a white ring; a second ring indicates the corresponding hybrid grit size.

This instrument is also a CE-marked medical device. For your and the patient’s safety.

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