Carbide cutters

carbide cuttersThe tried-and-tested BUSCH cutters X and FX (medium X cut / fine X cut) are not new. New are the L type cutters with these cuts. To make sure the easily manageable and convenient carbide cutters are available to left-handers as well as to right-handers, the series now includes 6 left-handed cutters in two figures, two ISO sizes in the cuts X and FX. These cutters enable the user to work with the left hand in anti-clockwise rotation towards the body. This way an ergonomic approach, an improved working condition adapted to the user is possible.

The medium X cut can be used for specifically outlining nails with changed shape. Cutters with the fine X cut are available to perform a subsequent delicate treatment. For unique identification, the carbide cutters bear the BUSCH logo and the figure number, in this case an “L” at the end for left-hander. The cutters with the fine cut have a red ring on the shank. Like all our instruments for podology, the left-handed cutters are medicinal products and have a CE marking. For your and the patient’s safety. The carbide cutters are suited for all disinfection, cleaning and sterilization procedures customary in podology.

carbide cutters

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