hybridcapHybridCap, the modern alternative solution to customary grinding caps
If you want to remove callus more effectively and economically, and at the same time sustainably, you should definitely consider the new HybridCap. The HybridCap with the new progressive hybrid grit combining two exceedingly effective materials – diamond and ceramic – convinces through a high removal rate and refined surfaces. Furthermore, it is reprocessable, which makes it both economical (per cap-use over 100 times) and environment-friendly (one HybridCap replaces a variety of disposable grinding caps).

The HybridCap is available in four different grits (super-coarse, coarse, medium and fine) applicable according to callus thickness and each in three different sizes.

For quick grit identification the caps have a colour code.

Unlike conventional grinding caps and cap mandrels, the new HybridCaps as well as the cap mandrels can be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized by all standard methods.

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